Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Finished my book before my deadline. Whoo Whoo love it. I have published it to Amazon and it will be live on Jan. fifth of next year. The title is Shadowrayne Demon Slayer and now one to Viper's Redemption. the first in a MC romance series. I am so glad I started to write.
I am almost ready to submit my first book onto Amazon for it's release on Jan. 5, 2016. I so cannot wait to start on the second in this series. It's about vampires, love, and war between good and evil. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did writing it. I did have to push my deadline back due to medical reasons, but it will be finished by deadline.
Three nights ago I was walking down the alley when I could smell a sulfuric odor from the shadows. I felt my heartbeat slow down and my adrenaline kick in. From the shadows near the back of the alley rose up a creature that was vile to say the least. The creature spoke to me. “Well my dear do you not no better than to walk by yourself down a dark alley?” To say that I was scared was an understatement; however, I knew that I wanted to kill this creature before, I wanted to feel his blood on my hands and I wanted to send him back to the depths of Hell where he belongs. I laughed at the creature, “You think you have me right where you want me?” I lifted my hands up into the sky and when I brought them back down my swords where in my hand. I was born as a hybrid; part wolf, part vampire, part witch, and part hunter. Most of the Underworld does not know this; they think I am just a hunter. They do not know the powers I have. I raise my swords and beckon the demon to come get some. My swords clash with his arms, he has some kind of armor on his skin. I do not know the name of the demon, but damned if he didn’t put up on hell of a fight. “Little girl you will be killed by my hand.” The demon screams at me. I swing my right sword and slice his head off his body. I am tired he put my body through one hell of a fight. I haven’t been this tired since I first started hunting. I decide to go to the club to get a donor and to get laid. Fighting has always made me horny.