Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Three nights ago I was walking down the alley when I could smell a sulfuric odor from the shadows. I felt my heartbeat slow down and my adrenaline kick in. From the shadows near the back of the alley rose up a creature that was vile to say the least. The creature spoke to me. “Well my dear do you not no better than to walk by yourself down a dark alley?” To say that I was scared was an understatement; however, I knew that I wanted to kill this creature before, I wanted to feel his blood on my hands and I wanted to send him back to the depths of Hell where he belongs. I laughed at the creature, “You think you have me right where you want me?” I lifted my hands up into the sky and when I brought them back down my swords where in my hand. I was born as a hybrid; part wolf, part vampire, part witch, and part hunter. Most of the Underworld does not know this; they think I am just a hunter. They do not know the powers I have. I raise my swords and beckon the demon to come get some. My swords clash with his arms, he has some kind of armor on his skin. I do not know the name of the demon, but damned if he didn’t put up on hell of a fight. “Little girl you will be killed by my hand.” The demon screams at me. I swing my right sword and slice his head off his body. I am tired he put my body through one hell of a fight. I haven’t been this tired since I first started hunting. I decide to go to the club to get a donor and to get laid. Fighting has always made me horny.

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