Sunday, January 10, 2016

Little tease from Viper (name subject to change) thought you all would love a sneak peek into the mind of Viper. I watched her for a few minutes before getting up and walking out the door. I didn’t look back I just walked over to the barn that we had turned into a gym. I go here when I need to let off steam and I have a lot of steam to work off. I cannot believe this woman is the same I used to know ten years ago. She is not like I remember her. This woman is harder and closed off to those except the guys who helped save her all those years ago. Not from the Eight Locos, but from her father. I was mad because she was going to hide this from me and my men. Now I know why I was feeling all these feelings again. She was my first love, my best friend, and now she was someone else. Jax and Jase were already in the ring sparring. I went over to the bag while wrapping my hands.

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